Tips for Making More Tips Waiting, Serving or Bartending – SE Asia Edition

Today’s Make More Cash Money Tips Key to Victory:


* The guest’s space is sacred like the air space over an airport.

make more tips serving or bartending

7 Great Ideas for Waiters and Bartenders to Make More Tips


—–> Do not place things down on the table and push or bump into the guest, food, plates, or say excuse me if you absolutely have to

—–> Never set something down near your guest with your elbow facing your guest, you should always set things down with your arm curving/bending away from them.

—–> During order taking, do not stand and hover over the guest. Drop menus, advise guest on “specials” (features), either bring water or ask if they’d like something to drink to start out with, and then go stand away from them, occasionally glancing to see when they are ready to order.

—–> When it’s time to pay, drop the check or bill and step back a few feet, don’t wait for them to put the money into the check presenter. When you drop the check back off with change, always leave an amount of change (if cash) that has easily tippable amounts, not a large bill and a few ones.

—–> Depending on your restaurant’s procedures, bring all the food out at once, and not plate by plate. The kitchen should be cooking things all at once anyway.

—–> Try not to directly hand the guest anything. If you have to hand the guest something, make sure you hand things to them respectfully. No creepy hover hands left behind. No handing things to people at eye level coming straight in at their face. Gently and respectfully, if at all.

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—–> Always be the first to say hello and thank you as the guest is leaving. Always simulate thinking “what does the guest need right now” without asking them. Drink refills without having to be asked goes a long way when it’s tip time.

Serving and Bartending Tips Learned in South East Asia, of All Places


For a complete video course on how to make more tips for restaurant servers, bartenders, or anyone with a tip jar, check out the video masterclass for serving and making tips on this site.

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