New Cool Room and Lighting Decor Ideas – Divoom Pixel Art Animated Display Board

Looking to create that retro room aesthetic in a subtle way that you can feel but isn’t overpowering or tacky? Welcome to the latest in digital room decor that connects modern and contemporary technology with recognizable 80s and 90s memorabilia. I’m talking about pixel art, baby.

Instead of just tying up LED lights along the edges of the room alone, why not add a little undiscovered gem that DIY and lighting connoisseurs alike will enjoy, especially since they can pick beautiful pixel art via an online community with tons of cool pictures and animated sequences- all free, via a handy Bluetooth-connected app.

Unlike many other light up room decorations, the Divoom Pixoo Max offers an entire world of exploration and imagination, all able to be personalized, customized, and ultimately digitized! From the kids room to the living room, to your man cave, study or home office, having your own animated pixel art frame with the highest industry standard in LED lights is going to provide inspiration and proper mood setting for years to come.


Upgraded Game Room Decor

What gamer doesn’t love classic characters like Zelda, Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog? There’s something about pixelated sprites that invokes memories from the 80’s and 90’s, when the technological limitations of 8 bit and 16 bit art in video graphics produced our favorite digitized protagonists. 4 decades later and pixel art images have gained traction through games like Minecraft as well.

The Pixoo Max makes for great family entertainment at home too since it’s perfect for kids of all ages. Imagine having a pixel art studio in your living room. Younger generations will enjoy putting up anime pixelated portraits that come to life featuring Pikachu and Pokemon, and everyone has the option to make their own custom fun filled pixel drawings.

avengers pixel art all characters

Pixel art is regaining popularity once more, and I really don’t think that it’s a novelty only. I get a similar feeling from looking at pixel art that I do when I used to look at those digitized pictures they used to show off at shopping malls over 20 years ago, where you’d cross your eyes a little and see a 3D image.

There’s something about pixels that are wonderfully simplistic, and yet together they form a larger visual which causes me to pause and take it in. It’s like a mind shift that is forced to occur between your eyes and your brain to understand exactly what you’re looking at, and in that moment of figuring it out comes the “Ah, ok” and your mind clicks, and then you appreciate what you’re looking at.

Also, true pixel art is actually made from scratch, from the ground up. Simply popping in a picture to photoshop and toggling the resolution is not true pixel art!

Sorry, I get a little bit enthusiastic about my pixels. 🙂

Custom, Affordable Electronic Business Signage from Pixel Art

While a pixel art screen is great for general digital styling and decor, it also makes for a cute LED programmable sign or display for your business. Who doesn’t like nostalgic digital decorations that show off fun animated pixel art and start conversations?

The Pixoo Max really offers a cheap and compact light up LED sign perfect for a coffee shop or even the counter at any retail shop or restaurant. That’s really what makes it the ultimate cool room lighting idea: you can make your own simple art. It’s just one of many room lighting ideas you can use to impress people or set the right vibe.

sonic pixel art on pixel art display screen

More Than Just Cool Room Lights

Where the Pixoo Max really shines is its innumerable applications to everyday life that serve a utilitarian purpose, making it much more than just an accessory or more cool stuff for your room.

Need an alarm clock? Pixoo Max’s got it. Need a countdown timer for when you’re cooking or working out? Done. How about a sign that displays the temperature, the date and time, a clock, or notifies you whenever you get an update from social media?

Also, do you feel bored? How about a game of Tetris or another classic video game? You can do that as well.

Or, for the people out there who want a digital photo frame, you can just use a pic of yourself from your phone on the app and watch breathlessly as you become your very own trendy pixel portrait masterpiece!

Great, Fun Gift for Grown-Ups, Teenagers, Students and Aspiring Pixel Artists

Because it’s such a fun and unique illuminated device with tons of functionality, you can believe that people will love getting the Divoom Pixoo Max as a gift. It really has a lot of wow factor when you open it up for the first time and learn all its capabilities and uses. But you may want to get your own, because after you watch your loved one open it up and turn it on, you’ll probably have to after you see what it can do.

Warning: it may make you more crafty and ingenious.

80s pac man pixel art on divoom pixoo max screen

Steps to Identifying and Eliminating a Bedbug Problem

Do you Have a Bed Bug Problem?

1. Are you waking up in the morning covered in a rash of itchy red bites?

2. Are you having trouble sleeping at night because of the stress and anxiety of
getting bit by bed bugs over and over?

3. Are you embarrassed because your arms have a long row of bites on them right now, or worried that someone else might find out that you’ve been dealing with a bed bug infestation and start treating you differently?

4. Are you having long days where you’re not functioning at your best because you’re tired and sleepy due to having your regular sleep patterns disrupted?

bed bug bites on back with rash

Don’t worry, this is all completely normal, you’re not alone. Bed bugs are a major challenge, even in the 21st century and world governments are about 50 years behind in doing anything about it.

But, to make matters worse, most people don’t know where to even begin, and the average cost of professional bed bug removal or an exterminator is around $1,000.

Pain and Suffering Dealing with Bedbugs

I know it’s tough…

dealing with confusion in not knowing what to do or how much it’s all going to cost, itchy red bites, sleepless nights, social stigma regarding bites and having bed bugs, but let me ask you this:

How bad will it get if you don’t do something about the problem right now?

Can you really….

* Afford to wait around for your landlord to deal with the problem or shell out the big bucks on an exterminator?

* Can you tolerate days and weeks of being lethargic and cranky, or moody because you’re not getting enough sleep?

* Are your relationships suffering or are you doing poorly at work?

* Are you having trouble in school, or do you just generally feel like crap all the time?

Also, how many hours, days, weeks or months do you really have to spend searching the internet for a solution that you still don’t know for sure if it will work? If you read the comments section on some videos, you’ll get some pretty crazy responses from people: “I heard that if you spray your whole house down with alcohol, that gets rid of them. I heard if you drop a nuclear bomb on your house, that gets rid of bedbugs.”

The Benefits of Solving Your Bed Bug Problem Right Now

“But what happens if you actually do something about your bed bug problem, right now?”

In just a few days you could begetting a full night’s sleep, improving health, feeling good and resting easy not anxious and worried, itchy and nasty, peace of mind knowing you’ve done all you can do yourself to get rid of the problem, peace of mind knowing that you’re bed bug free moving forward.

What would life be like if everything was back to normal by next week? Would that make a difference in your life?

Common Obstacles and Issues Holding People Back from Eradicating Bedbugs

– Objections: it’s too much work, it’s too hard, I might mess it up, I don’t believe you and can’t trust you, it’s a scam, it might not work, I don’t have enough money

Some people might think it sounds too good to be true, because after all, bed bugs are a big problem, and nobody knows that better than you.

1. It’s not much work at all, plus you’d still have to do some of the things I recommend in the guide yourself if you got an exterminator

2. It will literally only take 30 minutes to clean your bedroom and get rid of clutter or the things under your bed, then inspect your bed frame and surrounding area

3. I might mess it up- There’s nothing to mess up, plus we give you an easy-to-follow video of me applying the product in a room so it’s impossible to mess up

4. I have video proof that it works which you get when you order that it works where I literally use the product on live bed bugs in a demonstration in a simulation

5. I’ve been doing this for over 6 years now, if it were a scam I would have been shut down a long time ago plus I have real testimonials to back everything I say up.

6. I’m not the only one in this business offering this type of solution, though I am the only one making it simple and explaining the benefits.

Real Reasons Why It Might Not Actually Work for Your Bed Bug Infestation

The only reasons it might not work:

1. You don’t do everything recommended in the guide and the how-to video.

2. Extremely rare case of exotic bed bugs who have built up a resistance through their genetics

3. You live next door to the nest, they’re not actually hiding primarily in your residence

For People Struggling Financially Who Have Bed Bugs

Recently the price of the guide went from 20 bucks down to 10, so just about everyone can afford it.

Times are hard, getting rid of bed bugs shouldn’t have to be.

1. In just 5 minutes, you could be on your way to proactively and completely eliminating your bed bug problem.

2. The prep time takes about 15 minutes, and loading your bedsheets into a washer and dryer takes about 15 minutes. Applying the product takes about 10 minutes. Be done with everything you need to do in less than 1 hour.

3. Once you understand how the system works, there are no hidden charges or anything that should ever cost you more than 10 or 15 bucks for the raw materials, and you’ll be able use this system moving forward for ants, ticks, fleas, and other insect pests.

Thanks and Good Luck

Whatever you do, I sincerely wish you luck. Thanks for watching this video and visiting the site. You are not alone. But if you’ll take action today, you’ll be well on your way to a bed bug free life. Take care!

Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide “Pandemic” (Ch. 4)

Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide "Pandemic"
Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide “Pandemic”

I decided to go to a dog beach because to be honest, I was more interested in meeting dogs than I was people. I guess I’ve been that way for about 5 years, ever since I started identifying more with stray dogs than “normal” people, and ever since I myself was a dog owner from 2015 to 2018.

I made my way down the hill from where I had camped the night before in Rijeka, eventually walking down what seemed to be thousands of stone steps. I encountered a cat along the way so I stopped and had some light conversation. Ok, it was more of a monologue, but the cat was receptive and I petted it for a few minutes before I set out again.

I stopped in town at a bakery and bought a few items to eat before I began my hike. I walked away from the town center and got to a clearing where I saw an old man sitting on a bench near the main canal that feeds into the sea. He smiled at me and started talking, so I began speaking Russian to him, since Russian is the only Slavic language I know and Croatian/Serbian shares about 30% characteristics of Russian. I had learned Russian in the Navy some 20 years earlier and that had been my job, sitting around an office at the NSA most of the time and occasionally going out on missions riding nuclear fast-attack submarines.

He understood me quite well and we chatted for a few minutes. He said he’d been swimming earlier that morning, but he complained that it was just too hot to be at the beach. He was right that it was hot as hell, and I was hoping to catch some shade during my trek to the dog beach. He noticed me carrying my rucksack and backpack and commented, so I told him I was going to be hiking and camping while walking south along the coast.

“You look nice, he said” referring to my build. “Thanks!”, I said, feeling a little awkward, and wondering if he saw me as more than just a friend. His bus arrived and he departed and said his goodbyes, and I started my hike south along the highway.

Since it was my first day, it felt a little strange walking just a foot away from the highway trying to get to my destination. There usually wasn’t a sidewalk or footpath, and in some places it seemed pretty harrowing. Wondering if I was doing it right, I asked an older man with glasses and a fishing rod who was walking along the road to get back to his car in Russian, “Mozhno poidti po dorogu peshkom?” which means “Can one walk along the road on foot?”.

He said “Mozhno, mozhno!” and pointed to the road. Apparently the word “mozhno” translated pretty well to Croatian, because he knew what I was getting at. So, I kept on walking, dodging traffic and trying to be careful. It was my first day, after all, so naturally it was going to feel a little unnatural.

It was getting really hot and I was sweating profusely. My load was starting to feel really heavy. What all was I even carrying? Well, only everything I own. Aside from all my clothes and a ton of socks and underwear, I also have a jump rope, 21 ounces of pure silver which is worth, at the time of this writing, over $500, an audio interface for music recording and mixing, a studio condenser USB microphone, a MIDI music keyboard (a miniature piano, in other words, that makes no sound, but when plugged into my computer, can control synthesizers and samples), an extra pair of shoes, my hygiene kit, not one but two electric clippers for cutting hair (free haircuts are crucial), a heavy winter jacket which I actually use as the top half of my sleeping arrangement instead of a sleeping bag, 1.5 L of water, a few cigarette lighters, and my spare debit card- along with my tent hanging off the top back of my rucksack, secured by a carabiner and some twine.

But let’s not forget about my front backpack, where I carry another 1.5 L of water, a laptop computer, some headphones, my cell phone, a light jacket and some spare clothes, along with my wallet, watch, necklace, and passport.

My walk around a long, curvy road on the highway took me to a clearing where my map indicated there’d be a supermarket called Plodine. It was probably the biggest supermarket you could go to in Croatia. I walked up to the building and decided to have a seat in the patio. As it turns out, supermarkets in Croatia also have bars and cafes in them.

A server walked out and I just asked if I could sit there for a few minutes and drink my water and cool off before going inside. The server said it was no problem. I finished several large gulps of water and went inside with my rucksack and front backpack on.

I found a couple of 1.5 liter bottles of water and walked up to the register. The cashier, a young guy probably in his early twenties or late teens, scanned them and told me the total: it was about 12 Kuna, or around 2 US dollars. I handed him a 100 Kuna bill, the equivalent of about 15 US dollars, and he looked at me crazy.

“Do you have smaller?” he asked, noticeably a little ticked off. I said “No, that’s all I have”. The ATMs in this country normally only dispense 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 notes. He shook his head and said “No, I can’t sell this to you.” Already thirsty as hell, I said “Are you serious, dude?!”. I said, “No, take it.” He reluctantly took my money and processed the transaction. The guy behind me in line looked pissed too, but of course, pissed at me.

Wow, I thought. I’ve been in the country less than a week and this guy at the largest supermarket is refusing to accept cash. It’s funny because that’s all the ATMs give you, and the idea of a major grocery store in the US refusing a transaction for around 3 bucks because I handed them a twenty dollar bill would be unheard of.

I left the store, packed my water into my bags and continued south. About an hour later, I arrived at the dog beach. It was much smaller than I had originally envisioned, and it was full of mostly pebbles, no sand, and I didn’t see many dogs.

I walked down a steep concrete stairway with all my stuff and looked for a spot where there weren’t too many people, with no luck. I looked over to the side of the cliff where there was a little space over the staircase rail where I could maybe stash my bags. I was working on climbing over the rail when a young guy in his mid to late twenties looked up at me from further below near the rocks and said “Do you want to put your bags down here?”. He was with a young lady probably around the same age or maybe a little older, and I was pleasantly surprised that they both seemed to want to offer a hand and that they spoke English.

“Sure, thanks a lot!” I said, walking down and handing my bags over. The young lady said a few words in German to the guy and then started talking to me. She asked “Where are you from?” so I said jokingly in German “Ich bin Amerikaner”. She immediately turned to the guy and said something deceptively in German under her breath, then turned and looked back at me with a weird, half-evil grin, saying nothing to me in return. It was rude and anti-social and I was taken aback, but then the guy started talking to me.

He was smoking a cigarette and I asked if I could have a puff and he said “Do you want me to roll you one?” I said “no, that’s alright” and he insisted. The lady chimed in “we have to be careful for cootie virus because of his job.” I asked sarcastically, “What’s that, an astronaut?”. They both kind of laughed, but I already knew I was in the presence of at least one sheep worrying about the cootie virus, but now my bags were set down and I was invested in the location, so I just got ready to swim instead.

I took my bandanna off and it appeared that the young lady, who originally seemed impressed and interested in me, was now disappointed in the fact that I was balding. I normally shave my head, but I hadn’t lately, and it was a strange turn of events, but it was noticeable. The vibe was evident, even though people who weren’t there might not believe me.

I looked at the water. Wow, it was amazingly clear and clean. I’d never seen water so clear and clean, only maybe in Cancun, Mexico, but this was definitely impressive. It was very salty and as it turned out, perfect for swimming, or even floating. As long as you had a deep breath in your belly, it was nearly impossible to sink.

I went swimming in the sea for about 15 minutes and the Germans didn’t join in. Instead, I saw them with their heads studiously engaged in a book they had brought, which turned out to be one of those guides “Things to Do and See in Croatia.” I came out of the water and sat down, and asked if they wanted to smoke some weed. “I don’t smoke weed any more, I quit 9 months ago, said the guy”- no doubt a new rule imposed on him by his relationship partner. The lady asked me what I was doing in Croatia and I told them that I was going to be hiking and camping while walking south along the coast.

She then asked me “What’s your plan?” and I paused, not sure why she would ask me this question after I had already stated what I was to be doing. Then, she said “Do you have one?” and scoffed at me loudly and laughed in my face. Wow, I thought, this chick sure was rude, and it just seemed a little pathetic that she expected me to have some itenerary to report. I’ve noticed that lots of females over the years have directly asked me “Do you have a plan?”, as if I should know exactly what I’d be doing by the minute for the next 5 years of my life, and as if they were entitled to that information. It’s also a bit off-putting considering I travel in a way that allows me lots of free space and time to see and do whatever I want, especially when I get to some place and investigate if there’s anything actually worth seeing and doing.

The guy referenced me hiking with my bags, and communicated that it was a bit heavy and cumbersome to be carrying all that stuff down the coast throughout the country. “What, I said?”, jokingly, “It’s only 30 kilograms”, which the young lady immediately chimed in “That’s not a lot”. I looked at her a little shocked. “You know they say you shouldn’t hike with more than 20% of your body weight, right?” For me the current amount came out to about 30% of my total body weight. She said “Yeah, I know, but I carried that much before”. I said “Ok, but carrying it 12 to 15 kilometers a day?” and she again, unimpressed, said “Yeah, I did that through Canada before”, before pausing, and then saying, “but it was with a big group, and we took a lot of breaks throughout the day… and it took us all day.” Well, you just can’t impress some people, especially women. They always had a way of trying to take all the air out of your party balloon and trying to diminish anything you had accomplished or were about to.

We asked each other what line of work we were in, and I told them that I had an online business. Turns out the lady was a drug rehab counselor in some type of government position and the guy was a physical therapist at a private practice. After learning that I had been traveling the world for over 3 years and making my income online, she said “Oh, a digital nomad!”. It was always funny to me how people felt the need to label things, as if I couldn’t just have an online business and be traveling the world, but some people need things to be put in a box and filed away in order for everything to make sense to them.

I asked “Have you learned any Croatian?”, being an avid language aficianado myelf. I always tried to learn at least 4 or 5 phrases in every country I went, except for countries where they already spoke a language like Russian prominently. The German guy scoffed indifferently, “No”. I thought it was a little abrupt and arrogant, especially considering how so many Europeans were quick to judge me, an American, as being uncultured and all the other stereotypes they held near and dear their hearts.

A little time went by and they began to leave. They asked me if I wanted to walk back to their VW camper van and have dinner. I said, “well, I was going to eat a can of tuna” but the guy shook his head and signaled non-verbally to come with them, so I agreed and walked back with them.

On the way, the lady started talking to me. “My friend in the US says that Americans don’t get any vacation days. In Germany we get 6 weeks”, in a not-so-subtle attempt to imply shame on me and my country. I told her, “In America, you go on vacation when you quit your job” and laughed somewhat jovially and triumphantly.

The lady asked me what words I knew in German since I’d already demonstrated some knowledge of the Germany vocabulary. I explained how there were certain words which were the same in German as they were in Russian, the word for potato, for instance. The guy seemed a bit amazed because apparently he didn’t know that “kartofel” was the same in both languages.

The lady then told me that the word “Wanderlust” was German. “Oh wow, I didn’t know that”, I said. I’d heard the word used before, usually printed on hostel walls around the world or used in people’s facebook posts, but it made sense. After all, the Germans can’t just enjoy travel, or even love it. They have to lust after it. It was very German.

It’s like the ad on a billboard I saw in Berlin earlier in the year for some type of chocolate product. It was a picture of a woman with her mouth open in shock and exuberance with chocolate smeared around the edges of her lips like someone had taken a dump in her mouth. They’re into that kind of stuff. It’s really weird, but, then again, it was very, very German.

We got back to their camper van and the guy started cutting up vegetables. I was pretty impressed by their setup, and I knew German vehicles were well-engineered. I had owned two BMWs in the USA before I left the country. Having already experienced Europeans attempting to shame me for eating meat, or not being vegan, or vegetarian, or Episcopalian, or a paleontologist, or whatever they’re into, I broached the subject to see what protein source would be included with dinner. It did not appear they were against eating cheese or dairy.

Well, we ended up having dinner which consisted of vegetables and rice, and that was it. They ate it all down excitedly and I graciously ate it and complimented the guy for what he had cooked, but I didn’t quite understand how they could eat a full meal of just rice and vegetables. While the meal was tasty, it’s widely known among dietary experts that protein is a very important aspect of a meal, and I was a little shocked that there basically was no protein, except for a sliver of a portobello mushroom. To those of you who think you can get all your protein from a mushroom, you can’t.

“What will you be eating as you are hiking and camping?”, the German guy asked. I told him “Mainly tuna and probably sandwiches of some sort.” The guy remarked that he didn’t think he could do what I was doing because he felt he would miss eating hot meals everyday, then scoffed at me as if there was something wrong with me because I didn’t care too much about that, personally. I’m going to be camping off-grid, hiking down the highway, and this dude is worried about eating a hot meal? He knew that there are restaurants and bistros in Croatia, right? I don’t want to try to sound like a tough guy, because I’m not, but honestly, eating a hot meal was the least of my concerns.

They learned that I had been in the Navy on nuclear, fast-attack submarines. “Why didn’t you want to stay in the Navy?”, one asked but the other seemed to agree with the sentiment, while I was smoking a joint in front of them. While to me that alone should have made it obvious, I said “because I love freedom too much”. They were confused, but I was moreso confused by their confusion. It was as if they couldn’t fathom how having to wake up everyday at a certain time, dress a certain way, and ask permission to do just about anything would be the antithesis of freedom, and less than fun for 20 years of your life.

I know it’s going to be difficult for many people to hear that Europeans aren’t as smart as they think they are, but it’s true. I say this as a person who is, ethnically speaking, Czech, English and German. So if anything, I should be biologically invested in saying otherwise. But I call ’em how I see ’em, as the saying goes.

Actually, the more time I spend in Europe, the more I’m reminded of why there is a thing called the USA. At a deeper level, I get why the first Americans left Europe behind. They wanted religious freedom. They wanted economic freedom. They wanted freedom, and freedom is a concept most Europeans have no concept of.

They put on some music and I asked what kind of music they liked. They pretty much liked everything but they had a fondness for hip hop. Somehow, we got into the topic of good rappers and I said a little jokingly “In my professional opinion, Pit Bull is one of the best rappers who doesn’t get the credit for it, because his style endures even as he grows older. He’s never going to outlive it and it keeps on working for him.” The lady looked at me cynically and mocked me a little, “Professional opinion?”. I said “Well, I did produce a hip hop instrumental once that was on MTV”, which was true, and to which she was quite impressed all of a sudden.

Throughout the night, the guy seemed to make little jokes about me, even mocking me when they had asked me where I was from in the States and I had told them I was from Texas. He let out a random “yee haw” in a less-than-friendly manner at one point and I had started to grow skeptical at their communication choices. I had never mocked them or made fun of them, or Germany, or Cologne, which was the closest city near to where they lived.

We all walked down to the beach after the meal, carrying the dishes and washing them at the free public shower. Then the guy and I smoked a cigarette as we all sat near the water for a few minutes before heading back to the camper van.

It had gotten dark and they were ready to turn in for the night. I could tell they wanted me to leave, and they were less than subtle about it, but considering the awkward semi-rude moments from earlier, it was par for the course. I said “I’ll be on the beach tomorrow if you’re still here, see you later” and the guy kind of looked at me and laughed. What, was I supposed to exchange Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat information with them? I didn’t use that social media stuff and had stopped years prior once it was clear Silicon Valley had taken it upon themselves to censor people for sharing populist opinions. I’d decided in 2018 I wasn’t going to feed the beast any longer, though I still somewhat maintained a YouTube channel with a following of 23,000+ subscribers because it was a place where I could share music I made, some select opinions about things (though I had to be careful with my wording, often having to talk in code to avoid the censors), and it still made me a little bit of money.

I headed up the hill from the parking area and looked for a wooded area where I could pitch a tent, found a spot that was fairly suitable for my purposes, then ate my can of tuna, grateful to finally have some protein.

Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide "Pandemic"
Available in paperback and Amazon Kindle

Coronavirus “Pandemic” Reveals the Cost of Preexisting Issues, and Believing the Hype

“People less than 65 years old have very small risks of COVID-19 death even in pandemic epicenters and deaths for people less than 65 years without underlying predisposing conditions are remarkably uncommon. Strategies focusing specifically on protecting high-risk elderly individuals should be considered in managing the pandemic.”

These findings on the true risks of Covid 19 were released to the public by Medical Doctors at Stanford University.

Statistical analysis of deaths in Italy revealed another important fact: the majority of people who died from Covid had 3 or more comorbidities or preexisting conditions.

majority of Coronavirus deaths had comorbidities

The most frequent mechanism of death for coronavirus was severe pneumonia. This spells even worse news for people with asthma, COPD, and people with sleep apnea who use a CPAP, since they are even more susceptible to pneumonia.

What the Data for Covid Deaths Really Says About the Worldwide “Pandemic”

The World Health Organization and global government response, including a massive lock down of businesses and travel has gone off without much resistance, explained by the fact most people will not do any research and simply accept what mainstream media tells them to be true.

I’ve been traveling through Europe during this largely exaggerated virus threat, and many of the people with whom I have spoken simply do not have the gusto to call this what it is: a hoax. Without any concerns for the facts, the numbers, or reality of life on a planet where there are no guarantees to begin with, many folks nowadays have swallowed the lie whole.

Walking around a street in north Berlin I saw mannequins dressed in the newest, most fashionable face masks to make sure the sleeping public can be trendy at a crucial point in history. You also see people replacing their normal social media avatar picture with one of them wearing a mask.

It’s downright creepy, and pathetic.

The World Has Lost Its Mind, Willingly

My opinion of Europeans and people in general has dropped dramatically since spending the last 6 months in Western Europe. If anything, it reminds me why the original Pilgrims, as well as entrepreneurs, left the “Old World” for the “New World” of the Americas 400 years ago.

The people on this continent claim moral and intellectual superiority in all things, and they’ll be quick to try and lecture you about some mundane liberal topic, always without your solicitation. But when it comes to opening businesses, restaurants, and once-porous EU borders, there is very little sense of urgency, and re-opening news always comes with a “healthy” dose of skepticism and warning from world “leaders”.

I always thought liberals would at least be educated. It turns out they are just well-rehearsed on repeating propaganda.

And now, it turns out that 85% of American restaurants may close down completely by 2021. This hits home for me, since I waited tables for about 4 years after a college degree in political science and a police record (running from University Cops in college, having committed no crime) excluded me from more gainful employment. I eventually started a business and left the hospitality business but I still appreciate serving guests in a restaurant setting and the business experience I gained.

And now that I think about how future generations of people and Americans are being denied an opportunity to have and fulfill meaningful and useful employment, as well as the elimination of a potential fallback income source for myself to supplement my income, if necessary, I am numb to feel anything bad any more.

What has happened- the lock down, not the marginally harmful virus, has plunged the world into something that resembles the early stages of a worldwide communist takeover. Elimination of free-market businesses. Mass unemployment. A new set of social engineering rules to make you a slave. Government-encouraged rioting and looting of the main street economy.

It happened in Russia in 1917, and it’s happening now in the Western World.

From Covid 19 to Waiters and Restaurants- How World Governments are Failing Us Right Now

Restaurant workers suffer due to Cov 19 shutdown

World governments who allowed Covid-19 to be released onto the public from a weapons lab in Wuhan, China, have now disappointed once again with a massive martial law styled economic shutdown of about roughly half the people living on the globe.

Waiters and servers who often live check to check or day to day anyway have been put into an even more precarious situation. One restaurant in Colorado laid off all employees but 4 recently over Covid-19 due to having to switch to take-out only. Many laid off restaurant workers are resorting to unemployment insurance but that’s barely enough to survive and still pay all the bills.

So far the worldwide coronavirus death toll stands at about 125,000, which means it’s already taken a devastating .0001% of the world’s population. And the impromptu economic shutdown? Already the damage is probably going to result in tens of millions of deaths from starvation, stress, and hardship from which many businesses and jobs which will never return.

Government Response to Covid-19 IS the Problem

Economies are complex and sophisticated things which have been created over 100’s of years. You can’t simply flip a switch and turn them off and on without consequences. To make things more ridiculous, the government is sandbagging and leaking details which show a long and drawn out return to businesses being open.

And the biggest problem? Determining which businesses are “non-essential”.

And that means people eating out.

To think the US government or any other can just tell people to stay in their houses because it’s an order which negates their Constitutional rights like the 1st Amendment freedom to assembly, is absurd in reality. To ban protest as non-essential, which one police force has done, shows how willing the government is to take away your rights, and for how long?

That’s another big question on people’s minds right now. How long exactly will this shutdown, which I personally believe is insanity and against God and nature itself, last?

The fact the governments keep playing a game of “we’re about to re-open” and “we’re not gonna open anytime soon until everyone gets well” is even more dastardly when considering the thought that the entire shutdown-at-the-barrel-of-a-gun is one giant social engineering experiment being conducted by world governments, all of which are trillions of dollars in debt they can never pay back and bubbles in every sector of the economy- except precious metals.

We Need to End “Shutdown Society” Now

As owner of this site which provides a course in how to make more tips as a waiter, server or bartender, and as I’ve grown older- I’ve become infinitely more cynical. I used to believe in a thing called the American Dream. After having spend the last decade in entrepreneurship, it disappointed me when I realized that the 4 or 5 main products/services I’ve ever marketed were heavily regulated by the government.

While the idea the government is there to protect the consumer sounds nice, what usually ends up happening is govt agencies shut everything down by owning the industry leaders through regulation/taxation and keep many potential innovators out.

And it all works out to some waiter who can’t get out of their apartment to go earn money, so they end up just having to stay home, sitting on the couch worrying about their future, and hanging out with bed bugs.

Top 10 Restaurant Guest Complaints – Waiters and Bad Service Accounted for 7 of Them

Consumer Reports took a survey of over 1,000 people to identify the top guest complaints when dining out in restaurants. Surprisingly, about 7 of the top 10 complaints were issues that could have been directly solved by the restaurant server or waiter themselves.

The Red Robin Burger Disaster: How Greedy Corporate Shills Destroyed a Restaurant

What Happened to a Once-Successful Premium Burger Restaurant?

Red Robin Burger Restaurant chose in January of 2018 to eliminate the busboy position to save $8 million dollars, at a time when the restaurant was valued at $711 million dollars. This move was applauded by critics and market analysts without a second thought as to how it might affect overall operations and profitablity.

The result? The stock market price of Red Robin Burgers dropped 50% by May of 2019, with “walkaways” to the restaurant increasing by 85% during peak times. The CEO, Denny Marie Post, eventually stepped down in April of 2019, and a new CEO has not been appointed, as let’s be honest- who wants to be in charge of a failed restaurant?

Short-Sighted Corporate Greed = Business Suicide

Perhaps proof that the corporate world is incredibly insulated from operational realities, the destruction of Red Robin happened in a climate of group-think and a corporate cult atmosphere.

Did they really think that the tables would clear themselves, or that the waiters would be able to replace busboys at their jobs without some type of time and opportunity cost during the course of dining hours?

Who Didn’t See This Coming?

Beyond the obvious flaws in a concept to lose 50% of the value of your company to save 8 million dollars, the CEO herself uses some strange language when describing customers and guests of the restaurant:

“Over time, we believe affordable abundance is Red Robin’s greatest opportunity to further differentiate and drive sustainable profitable traffic. By making it easier for our forecast to say yes to Red Robin any day of the week without hesitating over budget, we can unlock greater usage frequency going forward.”— Denny Marie Post, Red Robin CEO

Honestly, anyone who does not refer to her customers and guests as human beings, but rather calls them “traffic” and “our forecast” demonstrates a lack of basic human empathy, and consequently, common sense.

This is what happens when you let certain people “play CEO” of a major company.

denny marie post ceo of red robin destroys restaurant gets a tattoo and retires

Here’s a pic of the CEO getting a tattoo a month after the decision was made to get rid of busboys, after she “lost a bet to employees”. She actually got a tattoo of a Red Robin Burger.

If you were one of the busboys whose services were no longer required, just consider yourself lucky.


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Is an Integrated Approach to Bed Bugs Really the Answer?

what gets rid of bed bugs naturallyIf you have bed bugs, then you probably already know the signs: rust colored or brown splotches or stains on you bed sheets, pillowcases, mattress or box spring.

The bites are also quite unmistakable. They usually appear on areas of exposed skin in patches or lines of little red dots, and often don’t appear until hours after the bed bugs complete their 3 – 10 minute feeding time and they escape back to their hiding places.

As the years go by, though, the information on bed bugs remains basically the same. Cryptic, confusing, limited, and not revealing of any natural, long-term solutions that are proven effective.

Bed Bugs: Resistant to Pesticides

One things that keeps coming up, however, is the bed bug resistance to chemical pesticides. There are a few modern day insecticides that bed bugs are thought to have slowly gained an immunity to, like pyrethroid-based chemical sprays.

In addition to pyrethroid, bedbugs are also demonstrating the ability to overcome other common pesticides as well. However, one natural solution remains that effectively kills bed bugs as well as their eggs, and we will be talking about that today in this article.

What Works to Kill Bed Bugs?

One of the cheapest, most effective, and natural methods to eliminate bedbugs is to use amorphous freshwater silica, also known as diatomaceous earth. This all natural “dirt” is really just the fossilized skeletons of microscopic small-celled algae found at the bottom of the ocean as well as freshwater lakes.

Freshwater lakes are the primary choice for companies that produce pesticide-grade diatomaceous earth. If you’ve ever walked around the banks of a lake, you may have noticed a slightly powdery, white or greyish colored dust. When you stepped on the ground, it may have felt sturdy but a little hollow at the same time.

What bugs me, pun intended, is the fact that this all-natural and incredibly safe material and all knowledge related to its effectiveness and pest control is kept from the general public. When you do a Google search on bed bugs on the web, even the “authority” sites like WebMD will not mention this. Yet, most people who have used it can testify to its effectiveness.

Nonetheless, the material is highly successful in getting rid of bed bugs, and you should consider checking it out. There are a few types of diatomaceous earth that you can use to wipe out bedbugs: food grade and pesticide grade. Pesticide grade means the dust has a particulate size that prevents it from becoming airborne as easily as the food grade type. However, in my experience, both of them work just fine. It’s just something you may want to keep in mind if you have kids, cats, dogs, or other pets at home.

For a great website that provides the best hand-selected type of customized DE pesticide grade products as well as instructional and proof videos for dealing with a bed bug problem, visit this site to learn more:

It Will Still Take More Than Just Defensive End! to Prevent Bed Bugs

There really is no magic wand to wave over a nasty bed bug infestation and make them magically disappear. In addition to getting some type of pesticide agent (whether natural or chemical) to apply as a preventative barrier, you’re going to have to tidy up your living and sleep space if you want to stand a chance at total eradication of the little blood-sucking parasites.

Start by removing clutter and check all furniture, as well as the obvious spots like in the cracks of the mattress or bed frame. Shore up all cracks in the floor/wall with some plaster or caulk that you can get at the local home improvement or hardware store.

Take all materials and fabrics to the laundromat and wash and dry them on super-high heat. This will kill all the bed bugs, nymphs (infants), and eggs. Vaccuum your entire bed, bedroom, and mattress after going through every crevice with a stiff-bristled brush. Put the vacuum bag outside of the house in a well-tied plastic trash bag.

Final Word on Bed Bug Prevention

Because bed bugs are so hard to see and so easy to catch, be aware of your normal routine and environment and where else they could potentially be hiding outside of your home. Are they at your job? Are they coming home on your kids from schoool? Are they on the bus or the subway train? Did you go to the movies recently and pick them up there?

Any place that has people and fabric covered seats can harbor potential bed bug traffic spots. Just keep an eye out so that you’re not becoming a bed bug’s free ride home unknowingly.

Good luck and remember, there are natural solutions available that the mainstream will never disclose (unfortunately).

How Restaurant Managers and Owners Can Survive a Bad Economy

As a restaurant manager, you work long hours and practically live at the restaurant. Corporate is constantly breathing down your neck, micro-managing your every move, complaining that you’re spending too much money on insignificant items like lemons or ketchup. And to top it all off, you have to find a way to bring in new business, even during a down economy, or again, it’s your fault for that again too.

On top of all this pressure, you have to worry about your own personal finances and saving up for retirement too. If you’re lucky, you may have the option to get bonuses for sales, stock options or even the coveted 401k. But beore you go all-in on the corporate pension/retirement system, which in our opinion is far over-glorified, today we’re going to look at some ways in which you can be less reliant on traditional ways of saving for retirement that could pay off big for you.

Understanding Your 401k Options

One of the most common and popular ways to save up for retirement is the 401k. Your company will match an equal % of contributions that you make a to a managed wealth fund that usually consists of high-performing stocks and equities. The 401k is seen as the bread-and-butter gold standard among employee retirement plans, and usually no one questions their wisdom.

We like 401ks ourselves, but we know from experience that in most cases, a 401k is only as good as the current state of the stock market. If you only pay a cursory glance to mainstream financial news media, you will always assume the market is going up, everything is fine, and everyone is making a ton of money. 

Except when it isn’t, and people aren’t. Like right now, in the current crashing stock market, or the bond market, or the housing market.

How to Protect Your 401k with a Gold IRA

This bit of advice we’re about to give to you is not for the average mindless follower of MSNBC, Yahoo Finance or Fox Business. We admit, this takes a bit of creative thinking (but not that much). And while we could go on for several blog posts about how the mainstream media’s primary job is to generally make the population go to sleep so that the big banks can loot the economy and siphon the wealth out of everyone’s retirement fund, we won’t go too far into it today.

What we will say, however, is that what goes up, must come down. Just as you, a restaurant or hotel manager, instinctively recognize the inherent truth in the fact that sometimds your restaurant gets swamped with guests and customers, reservations, and unexpected walk-ins- and other times- your restaurant is like a ghost town from the Old West, where it would be nice if even a train robber decked out in all cowboy garb walked in and just ordered a single shot of whisky.

And just the same way your restaurant sees feast and famine, so does the overall economy, especially the stock market. And this is why, it’s often a great idea to transfer all or a portion of your existing 401k to a Gold IRA when you can.

This can be done upon retirement, when you change places of employment, or under other special circumstances. A Gold IRA is based on the precious metal known as gold, as the name implies, which is a hard asset whose value remains relatively constant and dependable throughout time, but tends to rise when governments print lots of money to try to save the economy (as they have in the last 10 years since the crash of 2008). 

It’s especially important to realize that it’s not enough to simply buy paper shares of iGold on the stock market itself. You want physical gold to back up your position, which a Gold IRA does perfectly. You can even take delivery of the gold yourself, should you not want it to be stored at a Brink’s secure location that your Gold IRA custodian will provide for your account.

Get Your Free Gold IRA Kit Here

gold ira reviews

Whatever You Do- Do Something

It’s important that you don’t become a passive holder of any retirement program plan or employer-matching fund without understanding the risks of both the fund and the current state of the market. You cannot afford to just go to sleep and assume that everything will be ok. This is exactly what my college professors did in 2006, and they paid the price in 2008 when they came to class and informed us that they’d have to work another 10 years just to be able to retire.

Why Hotels Are Having Such a Hard Time Killing Bed Bugs

get rid of bed bugs naturallyGood night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the- you know what comes next.

The stuff of yesterday’s cute nursery rhymes and bedtime story finishing lines has now come to the forefront of the national health conversation. When bed bugs attend a city council meeting in a mid-sized town in Ohio, chasing many of the public out of the building, you know there’s a problem.

Why the Bed Bug Problem is Only Getting Worse

While it’s a little strange on the surface at least that bed bugs would be found in a government building, it’s actually easily explainable. To be honest, bed bugs will hide anywhere people congregate and anywhere there’s fabric. This is why the airport in Phoenix, AZ had to remove the seating section in one of its terminals a few years ago.

When it comes to hiding places and getting around, bed bugs are very easy-going and resourceful. They love high-traffic places to benefit from a steady flow of human visitors, because this inevitably means more dinner choices for a bed bug at the end of the day.

What can you do to get rid of bed bugs?

While you may not have much control over the seats on the bus, train, airplane, movie theater, doctor’s office, or anywhere else bed bugs hide, you can take active measures to protect your home today, even if you don’t have an active infestation.

The first and most important thing to do is to organize your home the best you can to remove clutter and eliminate hiding places for the unwanted cimex lectularius, aka bedbugs.

2nd, if you suspect an active bed bug infestation, the next step is to take all your clothes and linens to a laundromat and wash, then dry on industrial level heat all of your belongings made of fabric. The high heat will kill the bugs, but also more importantly, bed bug eggs.

A Bed Bug Exterminator: Often Unnecessary- Always Expensive

bed bugs bites picturesOne of the 2 biggest mistakes people make when battling bed bugs is assuming they need to buy some type of bed bug spray. The reason is psychological, because people assume something that is effective at killing must come in the form of a gun, which a spray emulates pretty closely.

The problem with bed bug sprays that kill on contact is that they don’t remove the eggs which are certainly well-hidden away in the cracks of your mattress, box spring, bed frame, or in the cracks of the walls or underneath the carpet.

The 2nd biggest mistake is assuming that only an exterminator is going to solve your bedbug problem. The truth is, an exterminator can solve your problem, but it may be very expensive, and they may want to use chemicals that may not be the safest thing for your family, especially if you have small children or pets that like to crawl around your home.

The big secret for killing bed bugs is actually incredibly simple. After you’ve removed clutter and sanitized your clothes, you can put down a protective barrier that actively guards your home from these unwanted guests. It’s so easy but most governments will simply not inform its citizens that such an affordable, natural and safe solution exists.

The Best Natural Bed Bug Killer Available is Only a Secret Because of Government Over-Regulation and Monopolies

That solution is known as amorphous freshwater silica. It is a special kind of dirt that is found at the bottom of lakes all over the world. It is a powdery substance that consists of components known as diatoms, which are the fossilized remains of once-living algae. At a microscopic level, they are razor-sharp which penetrates the exoskeleton and causes the bug to dehydrate. The insect eventually loses all its internal fluids and perishes.

Amorphous freshwater silica is also great because it stays good forever as long as kept dry. This means that once the life of a bed bug egg peaks at 21 days and hatches, the bed bug my inevitably crawl through it, become affected, and die. One great website that offers the best, safest, and most effective form of this natural bed bug killer is Defensive End!.

The best part about this magical powder? Much of it is so safe that humans actually eat it. In addition to this, small amounts are put into the nation’s food supply via livestock feed intended to kill the internal parasites of cows, pigs, and the powder is even thrown down on the ground in chicken coops to keep the flea, tick and critter problems to a minimal.

Remember, you don’t have to go the usual route of buying toxic chemicals and sprays or shelling out big bucks to an exterminator from now on, because this earth based powder also works on all crawling insects.

Good luck and thanks for reading this article and visiting my website to learn more about this amazing natural product!