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Video Master Class ($19.99)

Our online 10-video server master class will impart 3 years of server knowledge and experience from a guy whose free waiting tables videos on YouTube already have half a million views. With key insights and highly revered testimonials from veterans in the industry, this affordable option may empower and prepare a server to make around $100/shift in about 3 months.

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Bonus: How to Start Your Own Business

You’ll want to watch the entire Waiting Tables Video Master Class first, but because you’re a server, you’re likely more open to and suited for unconventional ways of making money than you might realize. So why not learn about a real-life example of a great business idea, or just apply the marketing principles in this free guide to something that excites you?


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Master Class + Email Coaching ($49.99)

What’s better than the 10-Video Waiting Tables Video Masterclass program?

Email coaching with the instructor

Sometimes we just need to bounce some ideas off of someone who’s been there and done that before. We might have the answer but it only becomes clear after someone else gives their perspective.

As someone who genuinely cares about hospitality and the service industry, I see a great opportunity for serious servers and hospitality professionals to share their knowledge to reach new success. My commitment to the highest standards of service and a genuine interest and curiosity in helping others succeed means I’m here to teach, and to learn.

I really get a lot of enjoyment from hearing the positive comments on the videos, people sharing what works for them- it helps me build a body of knowledge for everyone of the things that work to make people more money.

Having access to me by email means you always have a veteran server, and an established entrepreneur. Face it- most people don’t care!

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Phone Consultation ($99.99)

Video Masterclass + Email Coaching + Phone Consultation

What could a 1-hour phone call with me do for you?

I still remember talking to a marketing ad executive as a junior in college, and him asking me if I liked to be outdoors. Funny because I never really had, but 10 years later and I’m camping in the desert, in the mountains, and doing marketing.

This would be a fantastic opportunity to brainstorm anything professional, financial or education related with a self-employed armed forces veteran with a college degree who speaks 4 languages.

It was kind of funny being a college graduate and a veteran, starting out in a restaurant running food while I myself was actually on food stamps. Pretty hilarious, actually!

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not full of myself. But I have worked hard to gain a tremendous amount of freedom in my life and I am thankful for it. And in this video masterclass series as well as in conversation, I am always happy to bring a fresh perspective and help someone else arrive at a decision with options they might not have already considered.

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How to Make More Money as a Restaurant Server/Bartender


Whether you’re a complete newbie or a veteran of waiting tables and serving in restaurant environments, I guarantee that you will walk away from this course with more than a few “ah ha” moments.

Imagine having a 3-year veteran server talk to you for an evening before hanging it all up and quitting waiting tables altogether, to leave the workforce and take on the risk of self employment.

Wouldn’t you be interested in what this guy had to say?

Once a table much classier than I’ll probably ever be told me I was the best waiter in Los Angeles. What matters most is that I made them feel that way, and the 60% tip they left me didn’t hurt either.

In this series I’m going to share exactly the things I did, in detail, to achieve this kind of regular success at work, and thankfully, in business now that I’ve left the service industry.


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With a moneyback guarantee, there really is no risk for you to try the Waiting Tables Masterclass Video Series. Imagine being a year ahead of where you are now professionally, after only 3 hours of video and a measly 20 bucks.

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