New Cool Room and Lighting Decor Ideas – Divoom Pixel Art Animated Display Board

Looking to create that retro room aesthetic in a subtle way that you can feel but isn’t overpowering or tacky? Welcome to the latest in digital room decor that connects modern and contemporary technology with recognizable 80s and 90s memorabilia. I’m talking about pixel art, baby. Instead of just tying up LED lights along the […]

Steps to Identifying and Eliminating a Bedbug Problem

Do you Have a Bed Bug Problem? 1. Are you waking up in the morning covered in a rash of itchy red bites? 2. Are you having trouble sleeping at night because of the stress and anxiety of getting bit by bed bugs over and over? 3. Are you embarrassed because your arms have a […]

Just Go Man: Hiking and Wild Camping in a Foreign Land During the Worldwide “Pandemic” (Ch. 4)

I decided to go to a dog beach because to be honest, I was more interested in meeting dogs than I was people. I guess I’ve been that way for about 5 years, ever since I started identifying more with stray dogs than “normal” people, and ever since I myself was a dog owner from […]

Coronavirus “Pandemic” Reveals the Cost of Preexisting Issues, and Believing the Hype

“People less than 65 years old have very small risks of COVID-19 death even in pandemic epicenters and deaths for people less than 65 years without underlying predisposing conditions are remarkably uncommon. Strategies focusing specifically on protecting high-risk elderly individuals should be considered in managing the pandemic.” These findings on the true risks of Covid […]

From Covid 19 to Waiters and Restaurants- How World Governments are Failing Us Right Now

World governments who allowed Covid-19 to be released onto the public from a weapons lab in Wuhan, China, have now disappointed once again with a massive martial law styled economic shutdown of about roughly half the people living on the globe. Waiters and servers who often live check to check or day to day anyway […]

Top 10 Restaurant Guest Complaints – Waiters and Bad Service Accounted for 7 of Them

Consumer Reports took a survey of over 1,000 people to identify the top guest complaints when dining out in restaurants. Surprisingly, about 7 of the top 10 complaints were issues that could have been directly solved by the restaurant server or waiter themselves.

The Red Robin Burger Disaster: How Greedy Corporate Shills Destroyed a Restaurant

What Happened to a Once-Successful Premium Burger Restaurant?   Red Robin Burger Restaurant chose in January of 2018 to eliminate the busboy position to save $8 million dollars, at a time when the restaurant was valued at $711 million dollars. This move was applauded by critics and market analysts without a second thought as to […]

Is an Integrated Approach to Bed Bugs Really the Answer?

If you have bed bugs, then you probably already know the signs: rust colored or brown splotches or stains on you bed sheets, pillowcases, mattress or box spring. The bites are also quite unmistakable. They usually appear on areas of exposed skin in patches or lines of little red dots, and often don’t appear until […]

How Restaurant Managers and Owners Can Survive a Bad Economy

As a restaurant manager, you work long hours and practically live at the restaurant. Corporate is constantly breathing down your neck, micro-managing your every move, complaining that you’re spending too much money on insignificant items like lemons or ketchup. And to top it all off, you have to find a way to bring in new […]

Why Hotels Are Having Such a Hard Time Killing Bed Bugs

Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the- you know what comes next. The stuff of yesterday’s cute nursery rhymes and bedtime story finishing lines has now come to the forefront of the national health conversation. When bed bugs attend a city council meeting in a mid-sized town in Ohio, chasing many of the public out […]