From Covid 19 to Waiters and Restaurants- How World Governments are Failing Us Right Now

Restaurant workers suffer due to Cov 19 shutdown

World governments who allowed Covid-19 to be released onto the public from a weapons lab in Wuhan, China, have now disappointed once again with a massive martial law styled economic shutdown of about roughly half the people living on the globe.

Waiters and servers who often live check to check or day to day anyway have been put into an even more precarious situation. One restaurant in Colorado laid off all employees but 4 recently over Covid-19 due to having to switch to take-out only. Many laid off restaurant workers are resorting to unemployment insurance but that’s barely enough to survive and still pay all the bills.

So far the worldwide coronavirus death toll stands at about 125,000, which means it’s already taken a devastating .0001% of the world’s population. And the impromptu economic shutdown? Already the damage is probably going to result in tens of millions of deaths from starvation, stress, and hardship from which many businesses and jobs which will never return.

Government Response to Covid-19 IS the Problem

Economies are complex and sophisticated things which have been created over 100’s of years. You can’t simply flip a switch and turn them off and on without consequences. To make things more ridiculous, the government is sandbagging and leaking details which show a long and drawn out return to businesses being open.

And the biggest problem? Determining which businesses are “non-essential”.

And that means people eating out.

To think the US government or any other can just tell people to stay in their houses because it’s an order which negates their Constitutional rights like the 1st Amendment freedom to assembly, is absurd in reality. To ban protest as non-essential, which one police force has done, shows how willing the government is to take away your rights, and for how long?

That’s another big question on people’s minds right now. How long exactly will this shutdown, which I personally believe is insanity and against God and nature itself, last?

The fact the governments keep playing a game of “we’re about to re-open” and “we’re not gonna open anytime soon until everyone gets well” is even more dastardly when considering the thought that the entire shutdown-at-the-barrel-of-a-gun is one giant social engineering experiment being conducted by world governments, all of which are trillions of dollars in debt they can never pay back and bubbles in every sector of the economy- except precious metals.

We Need to End “Shutdown Society” Now

As owner of this site which provides a course in how to make more tips as a waiter, server or bartender, and as I’ve grown older- I’ve become infinitely more cynical. I used to believe in a thing called the American Dream. After having spend the last decade in entrepreneurship, it disappointed me when I realized that the 4 or 5 main products/services I’ve ever marketed were heavily regulated by the government.

While the idea the government is there to protect the consumer sounds nice, what usually ends up happening is govt agencies shut everything down by owning the industry leaders through regulation/taxation and keep many potential innovators out.

And it all works out to some waiter who can’t get out of their apartment to go earn money, so they end up just having to stay home, sitting on the couch worrying about their future, and hanging out with bed bugs.

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