How Waiters, Servers and Bartenders Can Get Better Shifts + Great Side Hustles for Hospitality Workers

How Can Waiters and Servers Get Better Shifts?


1. Understand your managers’ personalities, moods, attitudes, NEEDS and history. #1 Concern should be how much are you selling. Make being a sales leader one of your goals as a server and constantly look for ways to sell more and higher priced items on the menu.

How to Get More Shifts, a Better Schedule and Great Side Jobs for Waiters and BartendersThis is why spieling the features is important to get guests in the food mood. As for your managers… Get to know them if they will let you. Pretend they are your friend and treat them as one.

2. Offer to take other people’s worst shifts if you really need the money, but ideally shoot for shifts that are still some type of good deal for you. Then you can ask to take one of their weekend shifts later and make it sound like you’re doing them a favor giving them a weekend night off. Also, you could later ask for them to switch a weekend night shift for one of your day shifts or lesser earning shifts.

3. Be a team player at work during the busiest times. People will remember you helping them unconsciously, and then you can start advertising that you will pick up some of their weekend night shifts (or better shifts) to give them a break to let them enjoy the weekend.

4. Know your customers’ drink orders when they come in (repeat guests). Your guest will eventually start talking about you with your manager when your manager comes around. Being in demand and making guests comfortable is how restaurants get people drunk, and that’s where they make their money.

5. Maximize the value of your time.

a. If you are in a terrible situation, no amount of politicking will advance your interests. Sometimes it’s best to move on and find a new restaurant. Knowing the location and typical customer influx during certain hours and days will provide you with the information how and why the money flows through the restaurant, and will help you weigh your pros and cons before making a jump to another job.

b. Come up with a side hustle during the day.

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How Waiters, Servers and Bartenders Can Get More Shifts, a Better Schedule and Side Gigs for More Money

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