Is an Integrated Approach to Bed Bugs Really the Answer?

what gets rid of bed bugs naturallyIf you have bed bugs, then you probably already know the signs: rust colored or brown splotches or stains on you bed sheets, pillowcases, mattress or box spring.

The bites are also quite unmistakable. They usually appear on areas of exposed skin in patches or lines of little red dots, and often don’t appear until hours after the bed bugs complete their 3 – 10 minute feeding time and they escape back to their hiding places.

As the years go by, though, the information on bed bugs remains basically the same. Cryptic, confusing, limited, and not revealing of any natural, long-term solutions that are proven effective.

Bed Bugs: Resistant to Pesticides

One things that keeps coming up, however, is the bed bug resistance to chemical pesticides. There are a few modern day insecticides that bed bugs are thought to have slowly gained an immunity to, like pyrethroid-based chemical sprays.

In addition to pyrethroid, bedbugs are also demonstrating the ability to overcome other common pesticides as well. However, one natural solution remains that effectively kills bed bugs as well as their eggs, and we will be talking about that today in this article.

What Works to Kill Bed Bugs?

One of the cheapest, most effective, and natural methods to eliminate bedbugs is to use amorphous freshwater silica, also known as diatomaceous earth. This all natural “dirt” is really just the fossilized skeletons of microscopic small-celled algae found at the bottom of the ocean as well as freshwater lakes.

Freshwater lakes are the primary choice for companies that produce pesticide-grade diatomaceous earth. If you’ve ever walked around the banks of a lake, you may have noticed a slightly powdery, white or greyish colored dust. When you stepped on the ground, it may have felt sturdy but a little hollow at the same time.

What bugs me, pun intended, is the fact that this all-natural and incredibly safe material and all knowledge related to its effectiveness and pest control is kept from the general public. When you do a Google search on bed bugs on the web, even the “authority” sites like WebMD will not mention this. Yet, most people who have used it can testify to its effectiveness.

Nonetheless, the material is highly successful in getting rid of bed bugs, and you should consider checking it out. There are a few types of diatomaceous earth that you can use to wipe out bedbugs: food grade and pesticide grade. Pesticide grade means the dust has a particulate size that prevents it from becoming airborne as easily as the food grade type. However, in my experience, both of them work just fine. It’s just something you may want to keep in mind if you have kids, cats, dogs, or other pets at home.

For a great website that provides the best hand-selected type of customized DE pesticide grade products as well as instructional and proof videos for dealing with a bed bug problem, visit this site to learn more:

It Will Still Take More Than Just Defensive End! to Prevent Bed Bugs

There really is no magic wand to wave over a nasty bed bug infestation and make them magically disappear. In addition to getting some type of pesticide agent (whether natural or chemical) to apply as a preventative barrier, you’re going to have to tidy up your living and sleep space if you want to stand a chance at total eradication of the little blood-sucking parasites.

Start by removing clutter and check all furniture, as well as the obvious spots like in the cracks of the mattress or bed frame. Shore up all cracks in the floor/wall with some plaster or caulk that you can get at the local home improvement or hardware store.

Take all materials and fabrics to the laundromat and wash and dry them on super-high heat. This will kill all the bed bugs, nymphs (infants), and eggs. Vaccuum your entire bed, bedroom, and mattress after going through every crevice with a stiff-bristled brush. Put the vacuum bag outside of the house in a well-tied plastic trash bag.

Final Word on Bed Bug Prevention

Because bed bugs are so hard to see and so easy to catch, be aware of your normal routine and environment and where else they could potentially be hiding outside of your home. Are they at your job? Are they coming home on your kids from schoool? Are they on the bus or the subway train? Did you go to the movies recently and pick them up there?

Any place that has people and fabric covered seats can harbor potential bed bug traffic spots. Just keep an eye out so that you’re not becoming a bed bug’s free ride home unknowingly.

Good luck and remember, there are natural solutions available that the mainstream will never disclose (unfortunately).

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