New Cool Room and Lighting Decor Ideas – Divoom Pixel Art Animated Display Board

Looking to create that retro room aesthetic in a subtle way that you can feel but isn’t overpowering or tacky? Welcome to the latest in digital room decor that connects modern and contemporary technology with recognizable 80s and 90s memorabilia. I’m talking about pixel art, baby.

Instead of just tying up LED lights along the edges of the room alone, why not add a little undiscovered gem that DIY and lighting connoisseurs alike will enjoy, especially since they can pick beautiful pixel art via an online community with tons of cool pictures and animated sequences- all free, via a handy Bluetooth-connected app.

Unlike many other light up room decorations, the Divoom Pixoo Max offers an entire world of exploration and imagination, all able to be personalized, customized, and ultimately digitized! From the kids room to the living room, to your man cave, study or home office, having your own animated pixel art frame with the highest industry standard in LED lights is going to provide inspiration and proper mood setting for years to come.


Upgraded Game Room Decor

What gamer doesn’t love classic characters like Zelda, Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog? There’s something about pixelated sprites that invokes memories from the 80’s and 90’s, when the technological limitations of 8 bit and 16 bit art in video graphics produced our favorite digitized protagonists. 4 decades later and pixel art images have gained traction through games like Minecraft as well.

The Pixoo Max makes for great family entertainment at home too since it’s perfect for kids of all ages. Imagine having a pixel art studio in your living room. Younger generations will enjoy putting up anime pixelated portraits that come to life featuring Pikachu and Pokemon, and everyone has the option to make their own custom fun filled pixel drawings.

avengers pixel art all characters

Pixel art is regaining popularity once more, and I really don’t think that it’s a novelty only. I get a similar feeling from looking at pixel art that I do when I used to look at those digitized pictures they used to show off at shopping malls over 20 years ago, where you’d cross your eyes a little and see a 3D image.

There’s something about pixels that are wonderfully simplistic, and yet together they form a larger visual which causes me to pause and take it in. It’s like a mind shift that is forced to occur between your eyes and your brain to understand exactly what you’re looking at, and in that moment of figuring it out comes the “Ah, ok” and your mind clicks, and then you appreciate what you’re looking at.

Also, true pixel art is actually made from scratch, from the ground up. Simply popping in a picture to photoshop and toggling the resolution is not true pixel art!

Sorry, I get a little bit enthusiastic about my pixels. 🙂

Custom, Affordable Electronic Business Signage from Pixel Art

While a pixel art screen is great for general digital styling and decor, it also makes for a cute LED programmable sign or display for your business. Who doesn’t like nostalgic digital decorations that show off fun animated pixel art and start conversations?

The Pixoo Max really offers a cheap and compact light up LED sign perfect for a coffee shop or even the counter at any retail shop or restaurant. That’s really what makes it the ultimate cool room lighting idea: you can make your own simple art. It’s just one of many room lighting ideas you can use to impress people or set the right vibe.

sonic pixel art on pixel art display screen

More Than Just Cool Room Lights

Where the Pixoo Max really shines is its innumerable applications to everyday life that serve a utilitarian purpose, making it much more than just an accessory or more cool stuff for your room.

Need an alarm clock? Pixoo Max’s got it. Need a countdown timer for when you’re cooking or working out? Done. How about a sign that displays the temperature, the date and time, a clock, or notifies you whenever you get an update from social media?

Also, do you feel bored? How about a game of Tetris or another classic video game? You can do that as well.

Or, for the people out there who want a digital photo frame, you can just use a pic of yourself from your phone on the app and watch breathlessly as you become your very own trendy pixel portrait masterpiece!

Great, Fun Gift for Grown-Ups, Teenagers, Students and Aspiring Pixel Artists

Because it’s such a fun and unique illuminated device with tons of functionality, you can believe that people will love getting the Divoom Pixoo Max as a gift. It really has a lot of wow factor when you open it up for the first time and learn all its capabilities and uses. But you may want to get your own, because after you watch your loved one open it up and turn it on, you’ll probably have to after you see what it can do.

Warning: it may make you more crafty and ingenious.

80s pac man pixel art on divoom pixoo max screen

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